Zodiac Thump Radio presents: Stomp! Vol. I – Classic House! mixed by LibraClassic!

Stomp! Vol. 1

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1. KYZE – Stomp
2. Longsy D – This Is Ska
3. Lil Louis & The World – Club Lonely
4. Mixmasters – In The Mix
5. D-Mob – That’s The Way of The World
6. Ecstasy – Don’t Play Me Raw
7. Earth People – Dance (Beats)
8. Earth People – Dance
9. Ceybil – Love So Special
10. House of Gypsies – Sume Sigh Say
11. KC Flightt – Voices (Dub)
12. Bang The Party – Bang Bang, You’re Mine
———Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle———–
13. Tyree – Acid/Video Crash (UK Mix)
14. Grace Jones – Love On Top of Love (C&C’s Killer Mix)
15. The Goodmen – Give It Up


Here’s a mix I did a looooong time ago. I was messing around in the lab, going down memory lane and decided to hit record (when you’re in the zone – you’re IN the zone), I’ve been meaning to add on to this as it’s own series as this was an extremely important time in my life. I’ll explain:

Picture it, Syracuse (LOLOL) – I remember first hearing House on the radio up in Syracuse. It was DJ Kevin Hicks (The Hicks Mix) and he was playing Raze’s “Break 4 Love“, and Earth People’s “Dance” (Joey Longo or bka Pal Joey)  and all the rest and I was GLUED to it (you have to understand – I was ALL Hip Hop! Public Enemy, EPMD, De La Soul, etc.,), but my first actual experience with House in real time was when my step brother Eddie brought me to a Sigma sponsored House function on the “U” (Syracuse University- this was our slang term for it) called “The Underground”.

It was held in the Schine Student Center in a nice sized presentation room that was emptied for the purpose of the party (and it was actually underground, LOL). STG, when I first walked into this place, I thought I died and went to Xanadu or some shit – I didn’t know ANYONE there, but everything was SO familiar. I was surrounded by scents of Eternity cologne, Patchouli and Egyptian musk oils, John Fluevog platforms, Doc Martens, button down shirts, raggedy jeans, suspenders, and the ILLEST dance steps I’d ever seen in my life!

I instantly recognized the music that was playing as the music I’d been listening to on the radio. Now I got a chance to see how people actually processed House! The steps they were doing went PERFECTLY with the beats – OMG, I was immediately hooked like a pure drug addict. My fondest memories were of hearing all of this when walking in the club or on a mixtape…everything was House…it was surreal.




This is Stomp Vol. I – enjoy!