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Zodiac Thump Music presents: ThroBack Vol. I – Classic Hip-Hop!!



ThroBack Vol. I

(right click to download^^)


1. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight
2. Biz Markie – Make the Music With Your Mouth Biz (Instr.)
3. Biz Markie – Nobody Beats The Biz
4. LL Cool J – Rock The Bells
5. Eric B. & Rakim – Eric. B is President
6. MC Shan – The Bridge
7. Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over
8. Cool C – Juice Crew Diss
9. Salt n’ Pepa – My Mic Sounds Nice
10. Dana Dane – This Be The Def Beat
11. MC Lyte – 10% Dis
12. Audio Two – Top Billin’
13. Just-Ice – Going Way Back
14. Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded (instr)
15. Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded
16. Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski
17. Jungle Brothers – Jimmy’s Bonus Beat
18. Dougie Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew f. MC Ricky D (Slick Rick) – The Show
19. Dougie Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew f. MC Ricky D (Slick Rick) – La Di Da Di



Welcome to Zodiac Thump Radio! Lord, have mercy – look what I dug up! I told you I was a Hip Hop head right? LOL – well, here’s something I did a few years ago while I was walking around in my drawls, LOL – listen this thing has some mistakes in it and I’m cool with that – I HAD to keep this take because I dig the selection. So download this, put it in your player – and bop to work or wherever you go when you leave the crib, LOL

This is ThroBack Vol. I – enjoy!

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