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The Zodiac Thump! Season 4, Episode 4 (The Best of 2021)

The Zodiac Thump - Best of 2021
The Zodiac Thump - Best of 2021

Playlist (with links):

1. Larry P. Rauson, Kev Dot Kruz – Love Is The Only Way (Kev Dot Kruz Remix) (0:00)
2. Kenny Summit, Ian Pooley, Director’s Cut (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper) – Lovin You (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) (4:54)
3. DJ Said, Reelsoul – Joy Til Midnight Remixes (Reelsoul Organic Mix) (10:03)
4. Masters At Work – It’s What We Live, It’s What We Are (Made In Ibiza Studios Mix) (15:06)
5. Decency, N’Dinga Gaba – No Words (Ezel Remix) (21:22)
6. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (Gregor Salto & Ibitaly Remix) (27:59)
7. Anthony Nicholson – DirtyDiscoJazzFunk (32:12)
8. DJ CEEZ, Tiff Beatty – Love My Drum (Re-Freeked Vocal) (38:22)
9. DJ Disciple, Ian Vaughnshay, Butter Betts – Talk That Talk (I.V. Money Rain Remix) (42:24)
10. Geoffrey C – Cricket Groove (Original Mix) (47:16)
11.Nikkole – All Mine (Crazibiza Remix) (52:55)
12. Afternoon Tea – In The Night (59:40)
13. DJ Said – When Dem Drums Sing (Eric Kupper Original Mix) (1:03:03)
14. Two Soul Fusion – Sankofa (Nulu Main Mix) (1:08:10)
15. Dasoul, Young T, Antonio Bocchino – Makes You Fly (Alternative Mix) (1:14:25)

——————————– PRAISE BREAK ————————————–

16. Assurance – Express Yourself (Muthafunkaz Original Demo) (1:19:57)
17. Ron Hall – Talk To God ‘Bout It (Spen’s Sunday Service Re Edit) (1:26:06)
18. Vonita White – Come On Praise Him (Soulphonix Remix) (1:31:35)
19. DJ Booman – God’s Got It (DJ Spen Remix) (1:35:32)
20. Carlos Sanchez – Spirit of the Dance (Sting International Original Mix) (1:40:25)
21. Lamone – My Favorite Things (1:46:13)
22. Kenny Bobien, Wheeler del Torro, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins – The Happiest Time Of The Year (Original Mix) (1:52:50)
23. Bobby D’Ambrosio – First Noel (1:58:00)
24. Papik, Kenneth Bailey – This Christmas (Francesco Cofano Remix) (2:01:31)

Total Time: 2:06:05

….sooooooo, it’s been a scarce year for these mixes (I only had time for quarterly mixes this year)!  However, you’ll NEVER hear the end of me – throughout the year I’ve been buying music regularly, and I’d like to close out Season 4 of The Zodiac Thump with a “Best Of” mix, highlighting some of the amazing music that came out this year! So – without further ado our first highlight:

Larry P. Rauson, Kev Dot Kruz Remix
Larry P. Rauson, Kev Dot Kruz – Love Is The Only Way (Kev Dot Kruz Remix)

Larry P. Rauson, Kev Dot Kruz – Love Is The Only Way (Kev Dot Kruz Remix)…. lissen, I don’t even know Larry, but I DO know Kev and his remix sets the tone BRILLIANTLY for the rest of the mix (of course, I may be biased, but let’s not act like the mix isn’t actually dope, LOL)

Masters At Work – It’s What We Live…

Of course the dynamic duo Kenny Dope & Louie Vega, better known as Masters At Work bring you  some very straightforward floor candy. “It’s What We Live, It’s What We Are” is what you want to hear when you walk in to KEEP you in the building! We follow up with a track that can I can only say describes itself EXACTLY: Anthony Nicholson – DirtyDiscoJazz…lissen, this brother puts the “music” back into House music. Though House music is largely dub influenced (thank you Sly & Robbie – RIP Robbie), there is a certain musicality that lends itself to the kind of House you won’t hear everywhere. It’s intimate, it’s intricate, and this track – DirtyDiscoJazzFunk – is exactly what it says it is – GET INTO IT.

DJ Ceez, Tiff Beatty – Love My Drum

..but hollup – can we talk about DJ CEEZ, Tiff Beatty – Love My Drum (Re-Freeked Vocal)??? omg, I about lost my mind when I heard this! This is a FRESH new take on a very worn out concept – spoken word in House music (somebody had to say it). In a market that is SATURATED with spoken-word vocals, THIS is a breath of fresh air. You won’t hear me spinning a lot of spoken word – but you WILL hear me spinning THIS. New Generation Records is showing it’s ASS, and I LIVE!!

“Talk That Talk”

Speaking of FRESH NEW CONCEPTS, can we talk about DJ Disciple, Ian Vaughnshay, Butter Betts – Talk That Talk (I.V. Money Rain Remix)??  We all know that DJ Disciple has been in the game longer than some of y’all been alive and has ALWAYS been on the cutting edge of what’s hot. With solid, up to date production, the Catch 22 label is NOT to be trifled with. This is the up to the minute marriage of Hip Hop and House (oh, he’s well versed in BOTH) that works FLAWLESSLY. Then on top of that, Disciple has been working heavily with none other than Philly-based upsetter, Shino Blackk (he didn’t make it into this mix, but I FUX WITH HIS WORK – GET into his catalogue! He’s not playing with y’all!)

Aight, so boom – we now get to the “I couldn’t WAIT to put this joint in my mix” portion of the blog, LOLOL – let’s talk about the Crazibiza Remix of my cousin Nikkole’s latest joint “All Mine”…yes, I said cousin! As a matter of fact, Nikkole and her brother and manager Wallace actually came up with a brilliant concept behind the initial release of “All Mine” (the first single off the new “Vulnerable” album) a few months ago. She let all of us family members know that she wanted to do a family version of her video, which would spotlight the depth and breadth of our family from all over the country, so we all took about a month to film our various parts, send them in, and voila – “All Mine (The Family Version)” (you see me at around the 1:30 mark, LOL). EVERYBODY in the video is related – it was so amazing to take part in this!  So you know when the remixes came out, I HAD to do what I do BEST!

Other tracks that DEMAND mentioning are DJ Said – When Dem Drums Sing (Eric Kupper Original Mix) & Two Soul Fusion – Sankofa (Nulu Main Mix)…omg, pure FLOOR CANDY (I gotta admit, I kinda showed my a** mixing these, LOL)…and a special treat for my religious brothers and sisters who I love dearly – I installed a nasty ol’ PRAISE BREAK at the 1:20:00 mark, so move that furniture!

We end with a tribute to our fallen predecessor and local icon, Carlos Sanchez. We pay homage to him with his signature, “Spirit of The Dance” (the Sting International version)…I didn’t think to put Kenny Carpenter’s Rework in there until it was too late…stay tooned for more tributes for other amazing allies that have passed on such as Angel Moraes and others…they deserve to be remembered correctly and we’re gonna do just that…so stay tooned and we’ll talk next year (God willing).

This is The Zodiac Thump! Season 4, Episode 4 (The Best of 2021 – enjoy!

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