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The Zodiac THUMP! – Season 4, Episode 1 – Summer Drums


Playlist (with links):

1. Francis Overcast – I Ain’t (Kenny Dope Remix Reprise) (0:00)
2. Francis Overcast – I Ain’t (Kenny Dope Remix) (02:55)
3. Honey Dijon, Annette Bowen, Nikki-0 – Downtown (Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub Mix) (09:15)
4. Masters At Work – We Did It For Years (Main Mix) (14:32)
5. S.W.A.T. – Rights of Passage (19:07)
6. Norty Cotto – This Ain’t No Game (Norty Cotto’s Q Time Mix) (25:16)
7. Life On Planets – Brother (Fred Everything Lazy Vox) (29:30)
8. Coflo – False Feelins (David Harness Vocal Mix) (34:42)
9. Alejandro Penaloza – Hook Kassira (Extended Mix) (41:20)
10. STP – Leg Warmers (Original Mix) (46:08)
11. Masters At Work – Mattel (Original Mix) (50:28)
12. DJ Sneak – No Challenge (Original Mix) (56:37)
13. Dipzy – Periqo (Original Mix) (1:01:30)
14. Honey Dijon, Hadiya George – Not About You (KDA ‘Legacy’ Extended Remix) (1:05:00)
15. Basement Jaxx – Yo Yo (Rhys Manning Remix) (1:08:25)
16. Ronny Santana – My Dance (Original Mix) (1:09:45)
17. Manybeat – Llegate (Original Mix) (1:13:50)
18. Victor M – Bailalo Y Gozalo (Peppe Citarella & Mijangos Mix) (1:18:10)
19. Norty Cotto – Upside (Liquid Tech Mix) (1:22:32)
20. David Morales – Atmosfear (1:26:30)
21. Tom Novy & Jashari – A Tribute To House Nation (Club Mix) (1:30:26)
22. Supernova – Beat Me Back (Original Club Mix) (1:33:30)
23. Lil Louis & The World – The Conversation (Terry Washizu Edit) (1:39:20)

Total: 1:42:41

….sooooooo, it’s been just about a year since I last put up a mix because…well, you know…first there was school, then there was the nightmare called Covid-19…We lost many in and out of the music community and it feels strange to spin again after all this time. With all said and done, I’ll tell you this: the paradigm has shifted moving forward. Nobody came out of this time the same and I’m no exception. My entire raison d’etre has evolved in terms of music and my involvement in it. Lissen – i’m not gonna hold you up – I’ll show you better than I can tell you, so let’s get into it!

We start the mix off with a joint that was actually released during the first few months of the epidemic…Francis Overcast – I Ain’t (Kenny Dope Remix). This track is Janet Jackson nasty, but there was no where to experience it, so I knew that whenever I got around to doing a mix, this was the FIRST thing I was tossing in! Kenny Dope SLAYED TF out of this track, but then again – what do you expect from him?


We follow this up with Honey Dijon f. Annette Bowen and Nikki-O – Downtown (Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub) – which gives off a deep, soulful vibe. it’s the kind of track you want to hear when you first walk into the club and you need that vibe to be RIGHT! Honey’s been doing her thing, and I been f**king with her effects HARD (she’s actually in this mix twice and can be found in other mixes I’ve done) and she’s already become a staple in my virtual “crates”. Add Louie Vega to the mix and now we have a problem! Honey is NOT done making the girls GAG.

We keep it going with Norty Cotto – This Ain’t No Game (Norty Cotto Q Time Mix). Y’all know Norty ALWAYS delivers so what more can I say about it? A very tasteful use of a First Choice vocal (Love Thang) sample. He didn’t re-invent the wheel here, but we don’t need him to, amirite? It’s Norty – it’s gonna come out perfect (he’s also in this mix twice just in case you need MORE evidence, LOL)

I’m particularly fond of this joint by Life On Planets – Brother (Fred Everything Lazy Vox Remix)  which came out in November of last year. This track is just…delicious. Honestly, that’s the only adjective I could think of to describe it, LOL – followed it up with a deep, surreal Coflo track called “False Feelins (David Harness Remix)” – stg, I think it paired SO organically!

Other artists featured in this mix:  Victor M, Ronny Santana, S.W.A.T., Basement Jaxx and oh – we threw in a couple of new tracks from the dynamic duo (LOL), Masters At Work. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that Kenny Dope and Louie Vega have their mitts all over the first part of this mix – they are TRULY Masters At Work (they did it for years! LOL)


Enjoy the mix folks and download it at your leisure! Make sure you go to the official Zodiac Thump Music page and click “like” for news, freebies, and the latest from Zodiac Thump Music! Let’s kick the Summer off correctly this year, amirite?

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