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The Zodiac Thump, Season 2 (Episode 8 – The Libra Edition!)

Playlist (with links):

1. Rogiers – Heart’s A Mess (Opolopo Remix)
2. Shannon Chambers, Kwesi Bless – Feel The Magic (Shannon’s 1 Sound Mix) (6:32)
3. Jizzin’ – Ring My Bell (Beat Percussion) (12:56)
4. David Morales, blondwearingblack – Hideaway (Redzone Mix) (17:55)
5. David Anthony – Luv Dub (Afro House Mix) (23:01)
6. Coflo, Gyrefunk – Fazendo Coisas (Original Mix) (25:21)
7. Joeski – Elegua (Original Mix) (29:48)
8. Ray MD – The Rhythm (37:37)
9. B-Liv – What Is The Name Of Those Vibes (AM Room Mix)(41:42)
10. Saliva Commandos – B’Zonti (Extended Mix) (46:32)
11. Ray MD, Vikk Torres – Hoy Se Bebe (Ray MD Remix) (48:49)
12. Dany Cohiba – La Intensidad (52:47)
13. David Penn – Nobody (Club Mix) (55:35)
14. Carlos Francisco – Panela (Original Mix) (1:00:34)
15. Riton & Kah-Lo – Fake ID (1:04:17)
16. Maroshi Sumo – Hanguk (Tritemyo Remix) (1:07:27)
17. Para People, Abel Bejeda – Adao (Santo Sacrificio) (Tony Loreto Journey Remix) (1:10:36)
18. Daddy Freddy – Bam Bam (Original Mix) (1:15:22)
19. GotSome – Larry (Original Mix) (1:17:23)
20. Alkalino – Tanuki (Original Mix) (1:21:07)
21. Shalon – Fantasy (Vjuan Allure Remix) (1:25:04)
22. Tribal Injection – Congo (Original Mix) (1:26:47)

Total: (1:30:50)

What’s up y’all!! Lawd, I know I know – this is wiiiiiiiiild late (as Libras tend to be, LOL) but we promise you it was worth the wait! We want to extend our sincere gratitude for all the support for these mixes! The response has truly been amazing! We appreciate the support and the love and we DON’T take it for granted!  We want to continue our tradition of bringing you HEAT, so without further ado – let’s get this show on the road!

Our featured song for this month is :  David Morales, blondwearingblack – Hideaway (Redzone Mix) (#4 on the list). This Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer doesn’t know who I am, but he’s been one of my unofficial mentors for years (I’m probably not the only DJ/Producer to say that). He spins and produces for the world! There is almost nowhere on this planet that he has not made people dance. Right now our legend, our icon, our mentor – is in a bit of trouble in Japan. Most of you have heard so I’m not going to repeat it and give it energy. I just want our David back and THAT’S the energy I’m sending! “Hideaway” – featuring the vocals of blondwearingblack – is systemic of a DM production. It’s big room, yet rooted in the underground. It can be played in Ibiza, but can also be played at a loft party in Brooklyn. This is REALLY hard to pull off and yet Morales has mastered it, lately taking it back to the deep underground vibe of Club Redzone (his alma mater)

Another song I’d like to shout out is Coflo, Gyrefunk – Fazendo Coisas (Original Mix) (#6 in the mix)…this one actually SOUNDS like it tastes good, if you understand what I’m saying…it has a rich, savory flavor to it, you know? And it WORKS on the floor – I promise you it does…also like to give a BIG shout out to Ray D – the stuff he’s been releasing is so hot he actually appears in the mix twice!

We got a bunch of other treats on here for you, too! It’s Libra season and this is the Libra Edition of the Zodiac Thump! We go a little harder this month and dig deep for those beats – we got Joeski, Saliva Commandos, Para People, Carlos Francisco – and sooooo many more so give it a listen!

Enjoy the mix folks and if you like what you’re hearing and want to show your appreciation – feel free to donate a little something to the DJ (link below)!

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Enjoy! 🙂

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