The Zodiac Thump! Season 3 – Episode 2 (The Patrick Willoughby Mixtape Pt. 1)


Playlist (with links):

1. The Pointer Sisters – The Number 2 (0:00)
2. The 5th Dimension – Love Hangover (0:40)
3. Ralph MacDonald – Burning Calypso Breakdown (6:05)
4. Juggy Murray Jones – Inside America (10:48)
5. Giorgio Moroder – Evolution (15:23)
6. Hugh Masekala – Don’t Go Lose It, Baby (22:10)
7. Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love (Joey Negro) (28:00)
8. John Kongo – I’m Dreaming (Instrumental Version – “Impi”) (33:00)
9. Joe Gibbs & The U.S. Steel Orchestra – Trinindad (37:35)
10. New York Community Choir – Express Yourself (41:37)
11. DJ Romain & Bobby Morales f. Bonnie Bramlett- Crazy Bout My Baby (47:09)
12. Ashford & Simpson – Stay Free (Dim’s Club Mix) (51:00)
13. Cameo – It’s Serious (56:25)
14. Cerrone f. Jocelyn Brown – Cherry Tree (1:01:40)
15. Kebekelectrick – War Dance (Tom Moulton Mix) (1:06:55)
16. Jackie Moore – This Time, Baby (John Morales M+M Mix) (1:11:40)
17. Patti Labelle – Spirit’s In It (1:17:40)
18. Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (John Morales 4am Mix) (1:22:14)
19. Debbie Jacobs – Don’t You Want My Love (JMJ’s Breakdown Edit) (1:30:40)
20. Caroline Crawford – Coming On Strong (1:35:45)
21. Powerline – Double Journey (1:40:08)

Total: 1:47:11

….sooooooo, it’s been 4 months since I last put up a mix…first there was school, then there was…well, you know – so I wanted to kick off this return trip with a tribute to a dear friend who passed away in December of 2018.  This mix comes in TWO parts, and also goes out to another veteran DJ – DJ Will of Philadelphia who passed away just a few weeks ago. Him and Patrick were friends as well as colleagues and i’m pleased to say I had the pleasure and honor of meeting him. I believe I will make this mix a yearly tradition). 

Patrick Willoughby was a highly influential taste maker…. Some may know him, but many of your favorite veteran DJs have encountered him and don’t even know it. Patrick was a major influence for DJs in NYC from the late 70’s all the way through the 90’s. Most known for his amazing work as buyer/manager of Barry’s Records & Tapes, which was located at 119. E. 23rd St. in NYC until it was torn down in 2003 – he also managed other music shops throughout Brooklyn. Patrick lived and breathed music and for these mixes we will explore some of his favorites!


“Evolution” (listen for it in the mix!)

This mix comes in two parts. These are the hardest mixes for me to pull off for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I was still a child when these selections first appeared so I spent a lot of time consulting with the folks that came up with Patrick and could tell me firsthand what he liked, what he played, and what was hot in the clubs back then. Secondly, we’re used to music

“Cherry Tree” featuring Jocelyn Brown! Listen for it in the mix!!

that is produced digitally and with a steady tempo (120bpm typically stays 120bpm throughout song), but it took ungodly amounts of skill as well as thorough knowledge of your records to to do this with these classic selections. A song’s BPM could – and usually did – fluctuate wildly throughout the song, making it very hard to beat match. This means creative ways of mixing these classics together, but as one of Patrick’s friends Stanley told me – it wasn’t necessarily about the continuous mix (which wasn’t that prevalent back then), it was about SELECTION. So that’s what these mixes will concentrate on (of course there’s mixing in here – you know I can’t help myself, LOL).

In this mix, you will hear RARE classics – many of which were ONLY heard in the club. Big thanks to my friends and consultants Stanley, DJ Wesloc, and Mark who all came up with Patrick and without whom I couldn’t have done this mix! You will hear from Caroline Crawford, whom you will recognize as backup singer for the iconic Hamilton Bohannon, With Bohannon on the production for “Comin’ On Strong”, it has no choice BUT to drive you crazy (you’ll be able to hear that iconic Bohannon sound)! You’ll hear from John Kongos with his “I’m Dreaming” instrumental (a track more commonly known amongst the clubheads of that era as “Impi”).

Iconic artists also appearing in Part 1 of this mix are Giorgio Moroder, one of the BIGGEST score producers of the century (and when you hear “Evolution”, you’ll know why). Evolution is just one of many flavors off of the “Battlestar Galactica” album produced by Moroder! Another one you’ll be hearing will be The 5th Dimension (sans Billy and Marilyn McCoo) with THEIR rendition of “Love Hangover”, a track that was made famous by (and usually associated with) Diana Ross. Though they both hit the charts at the same time, Ms. Ross’s rendition proved to be the people’s choice. However, according to Stanley – the 5th Dimension’s version was a hit in underground clubs (and one of Patrick’s favorites). Of course, as is my custom, I use updated edits when I feel they are appropriate to use, so some songs you hear will be updated versions. This means producers such as Dimitri from Paris, Joey Negro, and John Morales will feature prominently in these mixes! There’s many more surprises, but I’ll just let y’all figure out what they are.

Stay tooned for Part 2!

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