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The Zodiac Thump, Season 2, Episode 16 – The Autumn Equinox Edition!


Playlist (with links):

1. Emmaculate with Osunlade – Isis (Yoruba Soul Mix)
2. Sunlightsquare – Oyelo (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) (5:30)
3. Jasper Street Co. – Praying For You (Louie Vega Main Remix) (10:16)
4. Coflo, Evar After – Lovesong (Original Mix) (19:25)
5. Jon Mavek – Khalembe (Caveman Mix) (23:46)
6. Trinidadian Deep – EGGUN (28:05)
7. Silvano Del Gado & Wlady – Makuta (32:59)
8. Peppe Citarella, Brutha Basil, Mijangos – Warning (Mijangos Afro House Mix) (36:15)
9. Pierre Reynolds – MAGAHELANA (REMASTERED) (Sergio Mendes, basically) (39:20)
10. The Goodmen – Give It Up (44:13)
11. The Boss – Congo (D Max Mix) (45:15)
12. Vincent Kwok, Nina Lares, Benji Candelario – Yer Body (BC’s 3K Dub Mix) (48:20)
13. Dario D’Attis, Simone Vitullo – Voyage (Orginal Mix) (54:10)
14. Marco Lys – You’ll Be Mine (Extended Mix) (1:00:00)
15. Kev Dot Kruz – Magnetic Scrolls (Original Mix – FREE DOWNLOAD) (1:05:10)
16. Riva Starr – Feel It (Original Mix) (1:09:20)
17. Truncate – Utility 2 (1:14:10)
18. Eddie Amador, Micfreak, DJ Spen – Let Go (DJ Spen Hard Dub Edit) (1:19:22)
19. Louie Vega, Anane – Cosmic Witch (Main Mix)  (w/Peech Boys tribute) (1:22:30)

Total Runtime: 1:29:00


….soooo, we missed Scorpio season (blame it on the equinox, LOLOL), so Scorps please enjoy this late gift and don’t be mad, LOLOL. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with it:

Our first feature track is “Jasper Street Co. – Praying For You (Louie Vega Main Remix)”  Listen, even though these mixes just officially came out earlier this month, anybody that’s been going to Louie Vega’s “Expansions NYC” parties already knows these mixes – and we have been FIENDING for these mixes!! Now that they’re here, we couldn’t be happier!

The next track we’d like to talk about is “Peppe Citarella, Brutha Basil, Mijangos – Warning (Mijangos Afro House Mix)”  – now this came out last month and was already a dope track, but then Mijangos jumps on it and BOOM – a totally different take on an awesome production! 


While we’re talking about stellar productions, can we talk about “Trinidadian Deep – EGGUN“?? This is easily one of the standouts in this month’s mix – a track that elegantly punishes – which makes it perfectly at home on the Shelter Records label! There’s tracks you play to get people on the floor – THIS is what you play to keep them there! If you haven’t copped this yet, you bullshittin’ (ijs).




Two more tracks definitely worth mentioning are “Jon Mavek – Khalembe (The Caveman Mix)”  and “Kev Dot Kruz – Magnetic Scrolls“!  “Khalembe” is built for the floor – you play this and it WILL deliver! “Magnetic Scrolls” is filthy Techno maneuvering and is available FREE on Soundcloud (y’all REALLY need to check out this fast growing catalog!)





Enjoy the mix folks and download it at your leisure! Make sure you go to the official Zodiac Thump Music page and click “like” for news, freebies, and the latest from Zodiac Thump Music!

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and stay tooned!



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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 5!


The Zodiac Thump, Episode 5

Playlist (with links):

  1. Louie Vega – Love Having You Around f. Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker (Extended Version) (0:00)
  2. Bobby & Steve, Byron Stingily – They Can’t Understand It (Vocal Mix) (8:02)
  3. DJ Applejac – Adinkra ft. Miles Bonny (14:15)
  4. AbysSoul, Sio, David Harness, Osunlade – Words (David Harness Yoruba Soul Edit) (19:35)
  5. Rimarkable – I’m In Trouble (Vocal Mix) (25:30)
  6. Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter pres. Mass Destruction – No Hook (w/ Cash Out ft. Wale – Hold Up Acapella) (31:30)
  7. Tedd Patterson – X-TENSION (TP’s Live Mix) (36:52)
  8. LibraClassic! – Tuff Yard (Libra’s Alternate Rhumba) (Available 7/3/18 on Traxsource!!) (43:30)
  9. Childish Gambino – This Is America (Freeky P & Shaunic Afrobeat Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) (48:06)
  10. Basement Jaxx – Good Luck ft. Lisa Kekaula (Butch Drum Tool) (51:15)
  11. Booman – God’s Got It (DJ Spen Remix) (56:40)
  12. Dany Cohiba – Pianolha (1:01:10)
  13. Steve Otto – Lost (Original Mix) (1:06:14)
  14. David Morales pres. The Red Zone – Kontrol, Pt. 1 (1:11:14)
  15. Charles J – Riders On The Storm (The Doors – Riders On The Storm) (1:15:17)
  16. Felipe Avelar – Coma Va (Original Mix) (Tito Puente – Oyo Como Va) (1:18:51)
  17. HP Vince – For You (Nu Disco Mix) (Brass Construction – Movin’) (1:23:44)

Total: 1:29:43

What’s up y’all!! Lawd, it’s July and it’s too damn hot! I am not a fan of heat at ALL. Imma just quote the legendary Boy George, “Summer is the enemy of fashion” LOLOLOL. Anyway, we want to sincerely give thanks and gratitude for allowing us to get in your ear one mo’ time! We appreciate the support and the love and we DON’T take it for granted! We got some HEAT for y’all this month, so let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Our featured song for this month is : Rimarkable – I’m In Trouble (Vocal Mix)  Lemme tell y’all a lil’ bit about this woman here – Rimarkable is not only a NASTY dj, having appeared in various high profile venues such as Funkbox NYC, the infamous Boiler Room, and her own internationally recognized “Everybody Random” party, but she is also an amazing writer/vocalist! Seriously, y’all got to go here to really get into what she gives – she has NO brakes! BUT…I digress – let’s get back to the track… “I’m In Trouble” is her debut on Detroit producer Wajeed‘s new Dirt Tech Reck label (if he sounds familiar, he designed album art for Slum Village as well as producing Dwele and working with Ceee-lo Green, Mayer Hawthorne, and John Legend). Rimarkable also bears the distinction of being his first signee to the new label, and if this track is any indicator of what’s in store, then y’all got my attention!

In all honesty I couldn’t just choose one song, tho – there’s another track on here that REALLY deserves a big up – and that’s DJ Applejac – Adinkra ft. Miles Bonny  Applejac has been putting out FIRE on the Shadeleaf label (founded and run by thatmanmonkz)! Ironically, I first met Applejac AT Rimarkable’s “Everybody Random” party a few years back where he was the guest DJ! “Adinkra feat. Miles Bonny” is pure excellence. Having spun “G.A. Tech” in last month’s mix, I already made up my mind I was gonna spin “Adinkra” this month! DJ’s – y’all want these tracks! I’m not asking you – I’m telling you!


We got a bunch of other treats on here for you, too. We got a cut from Louie Vega’s long anticipated “NYC Disco” album (omg, this is not only a well-produced and curated album, but it also serves as TEACHING material! Listen and LEARN IT!). We got some underground madness from yet another living House icon, David Morales, with his “The Red Zone Vol. 4” album. This month we featured “Kontrol, Pt. 1”, but honestly the whole album is just unfuckwithable. You remember those sick tracks that would cause you to show your entire ass in the club but you never knew what they were called? Yeah, Red Zone Vol. 4 is an album full of that shit, LOL. We got a HOT remix of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” by Freeky & Shaunic, as well as some HEAT from Tedd Patterson off the Launch label!

…and last – but certainly not least – we got some new music from yours, truly – LibraClassic! off the Zodiac Thump Music label! This is a re-edit of “Tuff Yard” – a track that first appeared on “Lessons In Dub Vol. I“. We’ve taken it, chopped it up, transposed it and ended up with “Tuff Yard – The Rhumba Edits”. This track will be available exclusively on Traxsource on 7/3/18 (available to the rest of the world on 7/13/18), so be on the look out for it!

As usual – with songs that I consider “edits”, I also credit the original artist because – let’s be honest – if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t actually have a track, so – you know *shrugs*.

Enjoy! 🙂



Listen on MixCloud:




The OFFICIAL curator for the Zodiac Thump vibe on the turntables as well as in the studio! If you like what you’re hearing, feel free to tip the DJ below! 😉






Purchase the latest music from Zodiac Thump Music here:

…and almost ANYWHERE in the world!