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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 6!


Playlist (with links):

1. Chelsea Como, Jackio, Shino Blackk – TTYD (Blackkdraft Mix)
2. Deva Mahal, DJ Spen, Reelsoul – Wicked (DJ Spen and Reelsoul Extended Remix) (6:35)
3. Timmy Regisford – The World (Timmy Regisford Remix) (11:10)
4. Dave Aju, thatmanmonkz, Foxxee – They Sleep We Dub (17:05)
5. Jon Mavek – Inuazul (Caveman’s Rhythm Mix) (22:40)
6. Norty Cotto, Oscar P – La Casa De Oya (Oscar P Remix) (25:40)
7. Man Go Funk, William Rosario – Sax It Up (Funk Bass Mix) (29:30)
8. Byron J. Moore, Ian Friday – Starchild (Libation Vox Mix by Ian Friday) (33:15)
9. Pierre Reynolds, The Smooth Agent – In My Arms (The Smooth Agent Bipolar Dub) (39:30)
10. Ray-D – By Surprise (43:20)
11. Honey Dijon, Cakes Da Killa, Derrick Carter – Catch The Beat (Derrick’s Black Catcher Vocal) (49:34)
12. Fat Nek – Keep On (Beat Tool) (52:40)
13. The Colombian Drum Cartel – The Shipment (55:30)
14. Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Flashmob 2018 Remix) (58:55)
15. Harry Romero – Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended Mix) (1:04:05)
16. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Groove Armada Dub Redemption) (1:08:25)
17. Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) (1:13:45)
18. Sabb, Superflu – Jeopardized (Super Flu Remix) (1:18:30)
19. Chuva Speaks Arab – Reckless Girl (Club Mix) (1:23:00)
20. The SyntheTigers – Proper in The Hopper (1:26:15)
21. HP Vince – Down Like That (Nu Disco Mix) (1:31:10)

Total: (1:35:55)

What’s up y’all!! Lawd, it’s August and all the Leos are out roaring – I see y’all, LOL! We want to extend our sincere gratitude for all the support for these mixes! The response has been amazing! We appreciate the support and the love and we DON’T take it for granted!  Once again, we got some HEAT for y’all so let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Our featured song for this month is :  Chelsea Como, Jackio, Shino Blackk – TTYD (Blackkdraft Mix). First of all, we’ve picked a song, but what we really want to discuss is Producer/DJ Shino Blackk! Seriously, he’s been putting out amazing work and repping Philly HARD, and this is no exception! In a world of Soulful House tracks that tend to sound depressingly similar to everybody else’s Soulful House track – Shino’s take on Soulful House is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR! “TTYD” (Things That You Do) – though obviously Soulful House – actually FLEW to the number one spot on Traxsource’s Afro Chart (labeling matters). Charted and supported by Tony Humphries, Mr. V, OVEOUS, Lenny Fontana, Oscar P – pretty much everybody! You name em – they charted it! So if you’re the one person on earth who hasn’t purchased it – go do it now and apologize to yourself and your dancers, LOL!

Check out more of Shino’s work right here!

Another song I’d like to shout out is Byron J. Moore, Ian Friday – Starchild (Libation Vox Mix by Ian Friday)…listen, when Ian Friday came to The Funktion House here in Brooklyn last month for a live appearance on The Network BK last month (hosted by Hector Romero, Kelly Diniz, and Beatport), he played this and I was DONE! I nearly lost my mind. This remake of the Level 42 classic was beautifully executed (I think Ian mentioned he worked with Level 42 themselves on this? IDK, but he is a GENIUS and Byron slayed this vocal).

Speaking of Hector Romero, funny story: just a few weeks ago I put out a DJ APB (All Points Bulletin) for a track I had heard in many MANY clubs but couldn’t put my finger on the title, so I put up a YouTube video of the iconic Derrick Extravaganza voguing DOWN to it. First, turns out I actually HAD the track but didn’t know the name of it (LOL). Second – it also turns out that Hector actually voiced the infamous words “Necessito Maaaaaaaasss” on the classic track in question – “The Colombian Drum Cartel – The Shipment”  !! I know, right??? How cool is that? Surrounded by all this legendary talent

….oh, and watch out for Jon Mavek.  He’s not here to play with y’all. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, LOL…

We got a bunch of other treats on here for you, too. We got some wicked work from Deva Mahal along with DJ Spen and Reelsoul, some HEAT from Timmy Regisford, Norty Cotto and Oscar P, Fat Nek, The SyntheTigers – oh, just get into it already, LOLOL!


Out Now!



As usual – with songs that I consider “edits”, I also credit the original artist because – let’s be honest – if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t actually have a track, so – you know *shrugs*.

Enjoy! 🙂



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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 2!

The Zodiac Thump, Episode 2

What up, folks! As you can see – I’ve changed my mind about my previous mixes (I do this often – it’s a Libra thing, LOL). I originally planned to delete them (and I have deleted some), but decided to leave most of them up (since they are still being downloaded and streamed!), so continue to enjoy and download them at your leisure!

Now back to the present – here’s another installment of the all new Zodiac Thump – Episode 2! We start this one off with a remix from Brooklyn’s own DJ/Producer/Remixer Mikki Afflick (Soul Sun Soul, Afro Sun). Nina Simone once said, “You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” – and Mikki does just that with her remix of Groove Junkies’ “We Rise” with Opolopo and vocalist Solara! As usual, links for this and most material used will be made readily available in the playlist (just click on the titles!). We’ve got new music from Deep Sole Syndicate, DJ Romain, Toshi, and others…BUT – there’s one thing…

RANT: There are many MANY producers out here taking classic tracks, re-editing them, and selling them as original works (such tracks are marked with an asterik *). These tracks have gone way beyond sampling to the point where said track would cease to exist absent the original track used. My solution?

Well, as you will see in the playlist, I’ve taken the liberty of renaming such tracks to their ORIGINAL artist names and crediting the remixer/editor in parenthesis. Think that’s disrespectful? Not nearly as disrespectful as taking someone else’s music, looping it, adding bells and whistles, then passing it off as your own. Honestly, the sampling part isn’t even what eats away at me – it’s how “producers” are literally passing whole songs off as their own after adding a 4/4 kick and a hi-hat. I mean, really – some cases are so blatant, that when I would Shazam them, the ORIGINAL song would come up!

Now some of these edits (because that’s really what they are) are actually pretty good, so I’ve included them in the mix, but there will be TWO links next to them – a link to the remixer/editors version and a link to the ORIGINAL VERSION or inspiration.  This is done for two VERY important reasons:

  • a.) To educate those who may not be old enough to remember the importance and significance of these original recordings and
  • b.) To give proper credit (even if not monetary) to the original artists, who – in most of these cases – did the hard work with actual instruments and without the help of a modern DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, ie; Cubase, Ableton, Logic, etc.) and are hardly ever being credited for their work.

In cases where it is unclear whether original music has been used but the sound is similar enough to the original (Robin Thicke anyone??), the SAME thing will occur (2 links).

Don’t like it? FIGHT ME.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid confusion, remixer/editor will be credited correctly on public sites such as MixCloud, Podomatic, etc. (END RANT)

I am LibraClassic! – the OFFICIAL curator for the Zodiac Thump vibe on the turntables as well as in the studio! If you like what you’re hearing, feel free to tip the DJ below! 😉


1. Enough (Intro) – Gil Scott-Heron
2. Groove Junkies, Opolopo, Solara – WE RISE (An AfflickteD Soul Vox)
3. Deep Sole Syndicate, Sheree Hicks – Children of The Ghetto (Original Mix)
*4. The Intruders – I’ll Always Love My Mama (Kevin McKay Schoolyard Daze Edit)
5. DJ Romain – Ask Me To Come On
6. Joey Negro – Latican Boogie (Crakazat Mix)
7. Ancient Deep – NewMAN (Deejay Cheikna Travellerz Mix)
8. Armonica, Toshi – Ngeke (andHim Remix)
9. Toshi – Weeper (FNX Omar Remix)
10. Oscar G – Steel Love (Original Mix)
11. Sahib Muhammad – 179th Street (Sahib & DJ Spen’s Drumz Mix)
12. Nick Holder – Slow Motion
*13. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Superkluster & Gustavo Fk Edit)
*14. Candido – 1000 Finger Man (Sould Out Magical Mystical Edit)
*15. Hazzaro – Satisfaction (Original Mix) (Cerrone – Supernature?)


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The Zodiac Thump Vol. 9 – The Burfday Edition!

Zodiac Thump Vol. 9



1. Elements Of Life f. Josh Milan – Live Your Life Today w/ Love Sensation Acapella
2. Rhythm Soul – African Soul
3. Giacomo De Falco – El Sueno (Original Mix)
3. The Khamisii Project – Wazee (The Elders) – out soon on Zodiac Thump Music!
4. Jill Scott – Lighthouse (Terry Hunter Remix)
5. Oscar P – Yesterday & Today (Ocean Deep Slope Mix)
6. DJ Spen & David Anthony – Kalimba
7. Sheyi Olagunju – Red Soil Return To Africa (Paul Deep Mix)
8. Toto Chiavetta f. Kev Kruz – Boy Of The Jungle (Original Mix) w/Mas Que Nada Acapella
9. M. Caporale – Truth Sayer (Original Mix)
10. Makito – The Message
11. Miranda Nicole & Kai Alce – Dance Like You’ve Been Here (DJ Beloved Remix) w/Charvoni – Forever & A Day Acapella

….soooo – here it is folks, after a looooooon hiatus, here’s installment 9 of The Zodiac THUMP! We bring you Volume 9 with some new joints, some exclusive edits, and other assorted trickery mixed by the official DJ of Zodiac Thump Music/Radio – LibraClassic! It’s my burfday, so stop by and say “hi”, LOL

If you’re in NYC and surrounding areas, make sure you come check out me (LibraClassic!), and DJ Junior Sojal Fortune, resident of Last Minute Sessions, 1st Fridays at LP n’ Harmony! This Friday, October 7th! Check the invite for more details!

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The Zodiac THUMP Vol. 7!!


The Zodiac THUMP! Vol.7

(click to download^^)


1. The Company – Superstar (Mark Di Meo Remix)
2. Kenny Dope & Raheem DeVaughn – Guess Who Loves You
More (Kenny Dope Main Rmx)
3. Monodeluxe – Not Give Away (Original)
4. DJ Spen – Stranger (Main Mix)
5. Marcos In Dub – Elevation (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
6. Thor f. Scotty P. – What Is Real (Louie Vega Remix)
7. Pablo Fierro – Sandulivi (Louie Vega Beats)
8. Oscar P. f. Nicole Mitchell – Sorry (Leo Alarcon Manaba Mix)
9. Erol Josue – Papa Loko (Jephte’s Extended Loko Vokal)
10. Celia Cruz – Elegua (Jose Marquez Remix)
11. Stimela – Turn On The Sun (Black Coffee Remix)
12. Matthias Helibronn & Joeski – Sabrosito (Sabrosito Dub)
13. Tony Humphries – Work Is Work (Her Wet Shoes)
14. Quentin Harris vs. Kevin Saunderson – My Sound, My Joy
(Mark Mendoza Edit) w/ Janet – Pleasure Principle
15. Lil Louis & The World – The Conversation
(The Story Continues)

….aaaah, yeah – this mix is nothing extra special – just some more heat for your ears from yours, truly – LibraClassic! for Zodiac Thump Music!

If you’re in NYC and surrounding areas, make sure you come check out me (LibraClassic!), and Juwandi Barney – your resident DJs for the Official Connect! Party!

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…so stay tooned!

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The Zodiac THUMP Vol. III


The Zodiac THUMP Vol. III!

(click to download^^)


1. Etheridge Knight – The Idea Of Ancestry
2. **Abakuya – Akonolinga (a *Brotha Dubb Refix – AVAILABLE ON TRAXSOURCE!)
3. Bilal A – The Feelin (Oscar P & C. Scott Remastered Mix)
4. Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
5. Rune & Knucles ft. Deme – Nothing But Your Love (Instr.)
6. Afronauts f. Suheir Hammad – Eye Will Not (Nauts L8 Nite Procession)
7. **LibraClassic! – Imma Show U (Instr. Dub – AVAILABLE ON TRAXSOURCE!)
8. Paso Doble & Andyboi – Never Forget Your Roots (Main Mix)
9. &Me – Clamb (Original Mix)
10. Rune – Roots (Vobs Remix)
11. Carlos Montalban – Referencia (Original Mix)
12. Cndo – Terminator
13. Lil Louis & The World – The Conversation
14. King Amazin’ – Double Asunder (Original Edit)
15. Raze – Break 4 Love (Instr.)
16. Earth People – Dance (Bonus Beats)
17. King Amazin – Double Asunder (Saves The Day)
18. SoHo – Hot Music
19. Skipworth & Turner – Thinking About Your Love

Welcome to The Zodiac Thump Vol. III! Featuring tracks you simply DON’T hear every day! With remixes by Kev Dot Kruz and yours, truly – LibraClassic!, as well as a selection from the “Dig.Deep.Vol.I” EP, available on Traxsource! and other online retailers (like Beatport, Spotify, and iTunes!)!

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…as usual, I throw some surprises in at the end (you never know what’s gonna fall into the mix towards the end…). Support your local artists! BUY the music!

This is The Zodiac Thump Vol. 3 – enjoy!