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The Zodiac Thump – Season 2, Episode 11 – The Spring Warfare Edition!

Playlist (with links):

1. Ralf Gum, Monique Bingham – Claudette (Album Version)
2. Wipe The Needle, Alex Lattimore – Enchanted (Original Mix) (06:15)
3. Hallex M, QVLN – Divinity Remixes (FNX Omar Remix) (13:27)
4. Black Savana – My Roots (Original Mix) (19:47)
5. Doug Gomez, Morris Revy – Yiga (Main Mix) (25:30)
6. Brad Machado – Wele (32:30)
7. DJ Angelo, Da Mike, Cristian Vinci – Cuba Libre (Silvano Del Gado Dub) (35:15)
8. Hondo Vega, Norty Cotto – Moody (Norty Cotto Aftro Tech Mix) (38:46)
9. Ray MD – A BAILAR (Original Mix) (41:50)
10. KC Flightt – Voices (Dub) (47:10)
11. DeMajor, Lizwi – Traveller (Main Mix) (49:45)
12. Vanco, Tuna – Ingane (DJ Vivona Vocal Remix) (54:20)
13. DJ Andre – Buena Noche (59:45)
14. Quentin Harrris vs. Kevin Saunderson – My Sound, My Joy (Mark Mendoza Mashup) w/Childish Gambina – This Is America (1:05:00)
15. Erik Bo – That Drum (Original Mix) (1:10:40)
16. Proxy Brown – The Jam (Original Mix) (1:14:10)
17. Childish Gambino, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Masters At Work – This Is America (Todd Terry & Louie Vega & Kenny Dope Remix) (1:17:37)
18. Marcos Cabral – Loose Lips (1:20:40)
19. Andres Campo – DaShit (Original Mix) (1:25:55)

Total Runtime: 1:30:41


Hey, everybody! We apologize for the brief hiatus, but we are BACK – and guess what? We brought WEAPONS. 

Our feature track for this mix is none other than Ralf Gum f. Monique Bingham – “Claudette (Album Version)” – a tribute to Claudette Colvin, a nurse and pioneer of the Civil Rights movement. Colvin is widely known for refusing to give up her seat to a white woman on a segregated bus nearly a year before her more popular contemporary and face of the movement, Rosa Parks. Black leaders refused to acknowledge her pioneering act of defiance due to her being an unwed expectant mother (reportedly by a married man) at the time of her arrest at age 15.

In Philip Hoose’s book, “Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice“, Colvin said, “My mother told me to be quiet about what I did. She told me to let Rosa be the one: white people aren’t going to bother Rosa, they like her

Claudette Colvin

Colvin suffered in so many ways from both white people and the people that were supposed to be there for her (you know – Black  people), that it brings tears to your eyes just reading her story. I’ve always thought highly of Monique Bingham, but now I have a new found “awe” of her depth. Thank you, Monique – for acknowledging this amazing womanLove this whole album!



Another track I wanted to talk about is “Wele” by Brad Machado. Seriously, this is not even about just the track – it’s about ALL of the material coming from the Arawakan label. This is an example of TIMELESS music – this came out last year, but DEMANDED to be in the mix – even among all the new material from Arawakan that I have to sift through. THAT’S how you build legacy. Big shout to the beautiful husband and wife team – Vic and Nena Hernandez – when you hear these names, you are hearing Arawakan! In addition to that dope Ralf Gum track, this month we also bring you music from Hondo Vega, Doug Gomez, DeMajor, Ray MD, and many more! A little soulful, a little afro, a little classic house, a little techno…it’s all in there! As usual – free download, so enjoy!

Enjoy the mix folks and download it at your leisure! Make sure you go to the official Zodiac Thump Music page and click “like” for news, freebies, and the latest from Zodiac Thump Music!

Out Now!

Enjoy! 🙂

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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 3!


The Zodiac Thump, Episode 3

…what’s up, y’all! Spring is here and we’ve got our mid-month installment of The Zodiac Thump! This is Episode 3 of Season 2 and we’re hyped about the whole damn thing! Of course, all of our previous mixes in the Zodiac Thump series are still available to download or stream at your leisure! Check below for playlist (with links), and links to our various podcast locations! If you like what you’re hearing, you can download it free, but there’s also a TIP JAR down there because – well, because a few of you have actually asked and most importantly – why not? LOL – with all that being said, let’s get on with our mid-month blog…

Let me start off by stating – we’ve decided to start instituting a featured song in the Zodiac Thump DJ mixes and the reason is simple: the ARTISTS ARE IMPORTANT! Let me repeat that for the nosebleed section: THE ARTISTS ARE IMPORTANT! The time for spinning music in a contrived cult of secrecy is OVER! I have been caping for this for years (I have NEVER put up a mix without a playlist: EVER!), and I am glad that streaming sites such as MixCloud are enforcing this new policy. Last week, many DJs awoke to find that their MixCloud mixes would not play. I didn’t even bother to check mine because I already knew why they wouldn’t play – NO PLAYLIST. The artist typically suffers the most because of this -but not in MY mix – no ma’am! With that being said, our featured song for this mix is (drumroll, please)….

Brian Power feat. Kathy Kosins – “Can We Pretend” (Smooth Mix) – what can I say about Kathy Kosins? I mean, it’s like Phyllis Hyman and Teena Marie formed Voltron and out came this woman! Not only is her voice sublime, but the production quality is so amazing that you should have no trouble throwing this in your sets! Other notable tracks to listen for in this mix are MDW & Harry Soto bringing you “Power Of Prayer” – a deep, religious-themed track with an uplifting message on top of a KILLER beat and this nasty little battle joint from Lilac Jeans called “Don’t You Know” (which will dominate this summer, I PROMISE you!).


We also got some new stuff from Louie Vega, including a tribute to the legendary Voodoo Ray (a moment please…                                                                                                             …Thank You). We got some new stuff from the legendary Doug Lazy (he still got it!), some unreleased stuff from my bredren Kev Dot Kruz (I don’t even think y’all ready for what he finna hit y’all with…)…and as usual, if there’s some tracks in here that are more legitimately described as EDITS, I will rename them for their original artists and tag the “producer” as a remixer (I do this on my page, but will use credit as listed on MixCloud and similar sites). Don’t like it? Fight me.

Disclaimer: towards the end of this journey, I lapse into a throwback fit that I’m sure my veteran House heads will lose their entire shit over, LOL…

Listen on MixCloud:



I am LibraClassic!

The OFFICIAL curator for the Zodiac Thump vibe on the turntables as well as in the studio! If you like what you’re hearing, feel free to tip the DJ below! 😉

Playlist (with links):

1. Brian Power, Kathy Kosins – Can We Pretend (Smooth Mix) (0:00)
2. Louie Vega, Toni C – Time Don’t Wait (Louie Vega Mix) (6:10)
3. Ism – Loop (N’Dinga Gaba & Richard Earnshaw Remix) (11:34)
4. Doug Lazy – Sky High (Melvin Gentry & DJ Spen Remix) (18:30)
5. Colonel Abrams – Trapped (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix) (22:00)
6. Lilac Jeans – Don’t You Know (26:15)
7. MDW, Harry Soto – Power Of Prayer (Harry Soto Worship Mix) (31:15)
8. Cristian Vinci – God Speaks (Original Mix) (35:01)
9. Afro Warriors feat.Toshi – Uyankenteza (Enoo Napa Vocal Remix) (38:00)
10. Christos Fourkis – Umada (Dub Conga Mix) (42:45)
11. Kev Dot Kruz – Periscope (EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED) (43:34)
12. Louie Vega , Funky Cadets – V.R. Tribute (Louie Vega Vocal Mix) (49:40)
13. Doug Gomez, Pietro Nicosia – Dulce Vida (54:30)
14. Inami, PM Project – Haba Na Haba (Original Mix) (1:02:25)
15. Mattei & Omich – The Circus (Original Mix) (1:07:15) (aka Martin Circus – “Disco Circus”)
16. Re-Tide, Moon Rocket – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Original Mix) (1:13:20) (aka Idris Muhammad – “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This”)
17. Black Riot – A Day In The Life (Full Intention Remix) (1:19:50)
18. Club Ultimate – Carnival 93 (The Mardi Gras Mix) (1:24:00)
19. MAW feat. India – La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (Original Mix) (1:28:00)
20. Ralph Falcon f. Dorothy Mann – That Sound (Vocal Mix) (1:30:30)
21. Dajae – U Got Me Up (Cajmere’s Underground Goodies) (1:35:24)
22. Fresh Tunes #1 – Do You Know What I Mean? (1:40:25)


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ThroBack Vol. IV


ThroBack 4


1. Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (MAW Edit)
2. Jean Carne – Was That All It Was (John Morales Edit)
3. Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Clausell Edit)
4. Change – Holiday
5. Serious Intention – You Don’t Know
6. Rocker’s Revenge f. Donnie Calvin – Walking On Sunshine
7. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (MAW Edit)
8. Freez – A.E.I.O.U. (Dub)
9. Yaz – Situation (Ben Liebrand Edit)
10. Womack & Womack – Baby I’m Scared Of You
11. Loleatta Holloway – Hit n’ Run (John Morales Unreleased Mix)
12. Mahogany – Ride On The Rhythm (MAW Edit)



….what up, folks – and welcome to the official page of Zodiac Thump Radio! We do it all here and this time we bring you a ThroBack mix – number 4 in a series! We pay homage to the greats – those who have paved the way. We like to let our classics play over here (no short-cuts or hip hop tricks) for your enjoyment…and remember, all mixes done by LibraClassic!


Make sure you drop by the official Zodiac Thump Music page and give it a “like”!



Feel free to send me a friend request! (this page deals with music related topics ONLY!)



Purchase the latest music from Zodiac Thump Music at these great online retailers!: