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The Zodiac Thump – Season 2, Episode 14 (The Late Summer Edition)


Playlist (with links):

1. Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler – A New Day (Axel Tosca Fender Rhodes Solo Mix)
2. Tasha LaRae, DJ Spen – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Beloved Remix) (7:23)
3. Jasper Street Co. – You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Album Version) (15:00)
4. Oscar P. – Wait Here (Doug Gomez Remix) (22:43)
5. David Morales – Drumster (Unreleased Version) (29:40)
6. Tribalizer – Afro Ninja (Afro Carrib Mix) (36:02)
7. Mattei & Omich, Keyo – Fade (Extended Mix) (41:00)
8. Fiorious – I’m Not Defeated, Pt. II (Honey Dijon’s Fiercely Furious Dub) (Clean Extended) (46:25)
9. Dario Nunez, Frank Nitty & John Guerrero – Chimichame (Clean Extended) (51:25)
10. Qubiko – Mono Tono (Clean Extended) (54:40)
11. Tube & Berger – Guess Who’s Jack (Extended Mix) (57:50)
12. Weiss (UK) & Eli Brown – Push It Up (Clean Extended) (1:03:14)
13. The Deepshakerz – I Got To Show You (Original Mix) (1:07:30)
14. Cloonee – Be Good To Me (Clean Extended) (1:11:25)
15. KC Lights – SOL (Extended Mix) (1:15:30)
16. TC4 – Guacamole (Clean Extended) (1:19:15)
17. Green Velvet vs. Cardi B. – Bodak Shake (Josh Maggio Flip Dirty Extended EXCLUSIVE) (1:20:55)
18. Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Reincarnation Mix) (Clean Extended) (1:24:51)
19. Bad Boss – Brother (Original Mix) (1:29:40)
20. DJ Fudge – Ponte Negra (1:33:46)
21. Oliver Dollar, Nils Ohmann – John’s Church (Cassius XXL Remix) (1:37:10)

Total Runtime: 1:42:42


….heeeey, y’all! Hope you’re having an amazing summer so far – as we go into the last part of summer, we continue to bring you the heat every month! So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Our first feature track is “Tasha LaRae & DJ Spen – Wish I Didn’t Miss You”  with none other than DJ Beloved on the remix! Listen, the airwaves are littered with remakes – some are good, some…well, some could use some work, but THIS?? This remake right here? THIS does the original such justice that it was hard to decide which mix I wanted to play! You know how Quantize brings it – stellar production, insane vocals, and they only pick the BEST for their remixes. The original mixes are dope and very true to the original song, but for my latest mix – I chose Beloved’s remix because it is soulful – yet goes HARD on the floor (track #2)

As the mix goes on, it transitions from soulful to tech and for our second feature – I’d like to present to you the closing track “Oliver Dollar, Nils Ohmann – John’s Church (Cassius XXL Remix)... ok, this is one of those joints where had it not been for the remix, this track would have probably passed under my radar. Awesome work to Oliver and Nils and great job to legendary duo Cassius (RIP Phillippe Zdar)…




As usual, The Zodiac Thump is all about music. PERIOD. These mixes feature everything from Soulful to Afro to Tech to Techno – it’s pretty much all in there.  In this mix, we’ve got tracks from Jasper Street Co., Oscar P., Louie Vega, The Deepshakerz, Cardi B, Tribalizer – and much more!  We don’t care about release dates – whether it’s brand new or came out last year – if it’s hot, it’s hot! As usual – free download, so enjoy!

Enjoy the mix folks and download it at your leisure! Make sure you go to the official Zodiac Thump Music page and click “like” for news, freebies, and the latest from Zodiac Thump Music!

Coming Soon!



coming September 7th to Traxsource, Beatport, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, and many other reputable online retailers/streaming services throughout the world!!

so stay tooned!



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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 4!


The Zodiac Thump, Episode 4

Playlist (with links):

1. DJ Beloved, Mcleod – What You Won’t Do for Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix) (00:34)
2. Carissa Nicole, DJ Spen – Settle for My Love (DJ Spen Remix) (07:35)
3. Andrea Curato, Tapes – Kombela (13:42)
4. Aaron & Deckert – L.D.O.E. feat. Valentine (20:15)
5. Sister Pearl – Feel It (Manoo Remix) (28:55)
6. Rob Flawless – Deepa Afro (34:30)
7. LibraClassic! – Tuff Yard (Libra’s Transposed Rhumba Edit) (UNRELEASED) (38:45)
8. Saliva Commandos – Turn Up the Peace (43:04)
9. DJ Applejac – G.A. Tech (47:15)
10. Louie Vega, Funky Cadets – V.R. Tribute (Louie Vega Sci-Dub) (52:10)
11. Nathan Haines, Shelley Nelson – Believe (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) (56:30)
12. Dany Cohiba – El Rito Del Sol (Original Mix) (1:03:13)
13. Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle (The New Zealand Dust Mix) (1:07:29)
14. Felipe Avelar – Funky Lowdown (Original Mix) (Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady) (1:13:05)

What’s up, y’all! It’s June, it’s Summer and the outdoor activities are popping here in NYC so let’s kick it off right! But FIRST, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude at the way y’all are receiving these mixes! I even got an anonymous tip in my virtual tip jar (below)!!! How cool is that?? LOLOLOL – no, seriously – I don’t mind going the extra mile for y’all because I don’t take your support for granted! So without further ado, our featured song for this week is (drumroll, please…)

DJ Beloved, Mcleod – “What You Won’t Do For Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix)” – ladies n’ gennelmens – THIS is how you remake a song. Mcleod really does justice to the original while also putting his own flair on the classic. With DJ Beloved on the production (he’s really been putting out heat – it’s really not a game with him!) and the legendary Jihad Muhammad on the remix, this is just one of those tracks that will be in rotation for a minute, so y’all might as well settle in – this one’s gonna go for awhile, LOL!




We also got some battle heat from Rob Flawless, a Layabouts remix of a Nathan Haines house classic, some heat from the Arawakan label and sneak peak at the latest joint from Zodiac Thump Music! As time goes on, you’re constantly learning as a producer and sometimes you look back and say to yourself, “this needs a re-boot”. We released “Tuff Yard” about 3 years ago (it’s on Traxsource and pretty much everywhere else), and I have always wanted to revisit this track – so I finally did it! We present to you “Tuff Yard (Libra’s Transposed Rhumba Edit)” for your consideration (we’ll have a release date very soon!).



Listen on MixCloud:



I am LibraClassic!

The OFFICIAL curator for the Zodiac Thump vibe on the turntables as well as in the studio! If you like what you’re hearing, feel free to tip the DJ below! 😉


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The Zodiac Thump Vol. 9 – The Burfday Edition!

Zodiac Thump Vol. 9



1. Elements Of Life f. Josh Milan – Live Your Life Today w/ Love Sensation Acapella
2. Rhythm Soul – African Soul
3. Giacomo De Falco – El Sueno (Original Mix)
3. The Khamisii Project – Wazee (The Elders) – out soon on Zodiac Thump Music!
4. Jill Scott – Lighthouse (Terry Hunter Remix)
5. Oscar P – Yesterday & Today (Ocean Deep Slope Mix)
6. DJ Spen & David Anthony – Kalimba
7. Sheyi Olagunju – Red Soil Return To Africa (Paul Deep Mix)
8. Toto Chiavetta f. Kev Kruz – Boy Of The Jungle (Original Mix) w/Mas Que Nada Acapella
9. M. Caporale – Truth Sayer (Original Mix)
10. Makito – The Message
11. Miranda Nicole & Kai Alce – Dance Like You’ve Been Here (DJ Beloved Remix) w/Charvoni – Forever & A Day Acapella

….soooo – here it is folks, after a looooooon hiatus, here’s installment 9 of The Zodiac THUMP! We bring you Volume 9 with some new joints, some exclusive edits, and other assorted trickery mixed by the official DJ of Zodiac Thump Music/Radio – LibraClassic! It’s my burfday, so stop by and say “hi”, LOL

If you’re in NYC and surrounding areas, make sure you come check out me (LibraClassic!), and DJ Junior Sojal Fortune, resident of Last Minute Sessions, 1st Fridays at LP n’ Harmony! This Friday, October 7th! Check the invite for more details!

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