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The Zodiac Thump, Vol. 2, Episode 15 – The Libra Edition!


Playlist (with links):

1. DJ Kemit, The Lounge Lizards – Wake Up & Stand Up (Kai Alce KZR Vocal Mix)
2. Dominique Fils-Aime – Good Feeling (Atjazz & D-Malice Vocal Dub) (8:05)
3. MdCL, Ovasoul7 – Feels Like Home (Frankie Feliciano Ricantruction Vocal Mix) (11:54)
4. Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker – Sixth Sense (Louie Vega Dub) (16:30)
5. Coflo, Emmaculate – Division (Original Mix) (21:18)
6. Thommy Davis, Greg Lewis – Urban Jungle (Original Mix) (27:00)
7. Realm Of House – Move Your Body (Arawakan Drum Mix) (30:35)
8. Lea, Muzikman Edition, Tweety – Songbird (Oscar P Afro Rework) (35:00)
9. Dany Cohiba – Cuban Namaste (38:20)
10. Norty Cotto – Timba (Barrio Breakdown Mix) (42:48)
11. Dennis Quin – Burnout (46:35)
12. Jay Mexx – Cured (The Deepshakerz Re-Edit – Traxsource Exclusive Mix) (49:40)
13. Oliver Knight – Crying Out (Praying Woman) (54:05)
14. The Discoboxers – Mary J. Blige vs. Doctor Love (Original Mix) (56:40)
15. Volsto – Getting the Groove (Origiinal Mix) (1:06:00)

Total Runtime: 1:10:02


….heeeey, y’all! So the summer is OVER (thank GOD), and we kick the Fall off right with the Libra season! It looks like Libras are winning HARD this season and I am SO psyched to be in that number! So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Our first feature track is “Dominique Fils-Aime – Good Feeling (Atjazz & D-Malice Vocal Dub)”  with none other than the legendary Atjazz on the remix along with D-Malice on the remix! Listen, I know everybody’s caught up in this “Good Feeling” remix – it’s an awesome segue track or even an amazing starter, but let’s not ignore the rest of the remix ep!  Atjazz shows off again on the “Sun Rise” remix and the legendary Fred Everything throws his hat in the ring with his remix of “Free Dom”. You will hear the rest of this EP featured heavily on future mixes!

Typically – as the mix goes on – I like to transition from Soulful and Deep to Tech and Techno to really pay homage to the depth of the House field and to ramp up the energy, but this time the mix was a little short so I didn’t get a chance to go in like I normally would have (I’ll make it up, I promise!) , So without further ado, allow me to introduce the second standout track for this month Oliver Knight – Crying Out (Praying Woman)“.  It looks this will be another one of those “insert female gospel singer here and hope for the best” tracks which are generally hit or miss, depending on the production. This is one of those hits…but just barely! As Tech House goes – minus the sample – this track is that remarkable.. This is one of those productions where the sample literally makes and saves the track from being labeled “filler”. Not to mention the fact that awesome mixing, mastering, and conservative use of the sample contributed heavily to this track’s success (the ICONIC Kenny Carpenter played this to a very receptive crowd at LeBain just last night!). All in all – awesome tracks and  pretty much staples in my arsenal!

We’d also like to give a nod to “Lea, Muzikman Edition, Tweety – Songbird (Oscar P Afro Rework)” (#8, @ 35:00). If you’re looking for well done, well thought out Afro House you might want to check this out. A heavy yet subdued beat with deeply soulful vocals sitting perfectly in the mix. This is another one (like the Dominique Fils-Aime track we mentioned earlier) that’s perfect for breaking up a set without losing the crowd!


As usual, The Zodiac Thump is all about music. PERIOD. These mixes feature everything from Soulful to Afro to Tech to Techno – it’s pretty much all in there.  In this mix, we’ve got tracks from DJ Kemit & The Lounge Lizards, Josh Wink featuring Ursula Rucker with Louie Vega contributing his part to an awesome remix package, Coflo, Thommy Davis, Dany Cohiba, Norty Cotto – and much more!  We don’t care about release dates – whether it’s brand new or came out last year – if it’s hot, it’s hot! As usual – free download, so enjoy!

Enjoy the mix folks and download it at your leisure! Make sure you go to the official Zodiac Thump Music page and click “like” for news, freebies, and the latest from Zodiac Thump Music!

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The Zodiac Thump! Season 2, Episode 4!


The Zodiac Thump, Episode 4

Playlist (with links):

1. DJ Beloved, Mcleod – What You Won’t Do for Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix) (00:34)
2. Carissa Nicole, DJ Spen – Settle for My Love (DJ Spen Remix) (07:35)
3. Andrea Curato, Tapes – Kombela (13:42)
4. Aaron & Deckert – L.D.O.E. feat. Valentine (20:15)
5. Sister Pearl – Feel It (Manoo Remix) (28:55)
6. Rob Flawless – Deepa Afro (34:30)
7. LibraClassic! – Tuff Yard (Libra’s Transposed Rhumba Edit) (UNRELEASED) (38:45)
8. Saliva Commandos – Turn Up the Peace (43:04)
9. DJ Applejac – G.A. Tech (47:15)
10. Louie Vega, Funky Cadets – V.R. Tribute (Louie Vega Sci-Dub) (52:10)
11. Nathan Haines, Shelley Nelson – Believe (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) (56:30)
12. Dany Cohiba – El Rito Del Sol (Original Mix) (1:03:13)
13. Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle (The New Zealand Dust Mix) (1:07:29)
14. Felipe Avelar – Funky Lowdown (Original Mix) (Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady) (1:13:05)

What’s up, y’all! It’s June, it’s Summer and the outdoor activities are popping here in NYC so let’s kick it off right! But FIRST, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude at the way y’all are receiving these mixes! I even got an anonymous tip in my virtual tip jar (below)!!! How cool is that?? LOLOLOL – no, seriously – I don’t mind going the extra mile for y’all because I don’t take your support for granted! So without further ado, our featured song for this week is (drumroll, please…)

DJ Beloved, Mcleod – “What You Won’t Do For Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix)” – ladies n’ gennelmens – THIS is how you remake a song. Mcleod really does justice to the original while also putting his own flair on the classic. With DJ Beloved on the production (he’s really been putting out heat – it’s really not a game with him!) and the legendary Jihad Muhammad on the remix, this is just one of those tracks that will be in rotation for a minute, so y’all might as well settle in – this one’s gonna go for awhile, LOL!




We also got some battle heat from Rob Flawless, a Layabouts remix of a Nathan Haines house classic, some heat from the Arawakan label and sneak peak at the latest joint from Zodiac Thump Music! As time goes on, you’re constantly learning as a producer and sometimes you look back and say to yourself, “this needs a re-boot”. We released “Tuff Yard” about 3 years ago (it’s on Traxsource and pretty much everywhere else), and I have always wanted to revisit this track – so I finally did it! We present to you “Tuff Yard (Libra’s Transposed Rhumba Edit)” for your consideration (we’ll have a release date very soon!).



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