What is Zodiac Thump Music?



Zodiac Thump Music (ZTM – ASCAP/BMI) is a brand new music label dedicated to House, Deep House, Dub, Underground Soul, Alternative, Chill, Lounge, Soundtrack, Club, Dance and almost everything in between!


Check out one of my favorite actors, Malik Yoba, singing along and vibing to the highly acclaimed Zodiac Thump release, “Love, Peace, & Harmony” @ the infamous LP n’ Harmony in Williamsburg last year!



ZTM is primarily interested in providing licensing opportunities to Production Music Libraries, Music Supervisors, Independent/Major Film Makers, and other entities in this field! We’re not pidgeon-holed into this format or that, and we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel- we simply make great quality, useful music that people are interested in hearing! We think GLOBALLY, while maintaining our love for the underground and the local talent we find there. Check out some more of our music right here:



ZTM aims to provide quality music to fit any mood or scene along with the MOST important thing: A hassle-free licensing experience!


contact us for more info!


ZTM does NOT accept unsolicited demos! Inquire HERE for more information


ZTM is Underground…


that’s right – Deep House, Tech, Electro, Downtempo, New Soul, Pop, Ambient, Soundscapes, and more! Whatever the occasion, Zodiac Thump Music is willing and able to rise to the education!

This means ZTM offers something for almost every conceivable use! We deliver quality productions – not just tracks!


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